Ontario Engineers Remove Canadian Work Experience Requirement for Immigrants



In a significant move towards greater inclusivity and recognition of international talent, the province of Ontario in Canada has recently eliminated the Canadian work experience requirement for immigrant engineers. This forward-thinking measure intends to eliminate a major barrier that highly qualified international experts frequently encounter while looking for job opportunities in their industries. By removing this barrier, Ontario is encouraging diversity, creativity, and economic prosperity by widening its doors to highly qualified engineers from throughout the world. Our political party Ontario centrist party mission is to provide centrist vision for the province that values.

Breaking Down Barriers:

The requirement of Canadian work experience has historically been one of the biggest obstacles competent immigrants seeking employment in Canada have had to overcome. Despite having appropriate foreign experience and credentials, this criterion has frequently made it difficult for newcomers to get employment in their industry. Many skilled immigrants have found themselves caught in a catch-22 situation, where they couldn’t obtain Canadian work experience without a job offer, and they couldn’t secure a job offer without Canadian work experience. Unemployment has been sustained by this cycle, and the considerable talents and experience that immigrants bring to the table have been wasted.

Ontario’s Bold Step:

Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO), the regulatory authority for professional engineers in Ontario, has made a proactive step forward in recognition of the need to access the global talent pool and remove unnecessary barriers. Immigrant engineers will no longer be required to have Canadian work experience in order to be licensed as professional engineers in the province as of 2024. Instead, the emphasis will be on evaluating their foreign education, experience, and credentials to make sure they adhere to the PEO’s criteria.


Benefits for Immigrants:

Engineers who are immigrants will profit greatly from this important decision. The first benefit is that it levels the playing field by allowing qualified immigrants an equal chance to demonstrate their abilities and compete on merit. They won’t have to struggle with the frustrating challenge of gaining Canadian job experience, enabling them to use their qualifications and expertise right away. This adjustment will also make it less expensive for many talented immigrants to try to gain the necessary work experience, facilitating a more seamless transition.
In addition, eliminating the requirement for work experience will draw highly qualified engineers from all over the world, enhancing Ontario’s talent pool with a variety of viewpoints, cutting-edge concepts, and a wealth of foreign experience.This diversity will enhance collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving capabilities within the engineering sector, fostering a culture of excellence and continuous learning.


Ontario’s decision to remove the Canadian work experience requirement for immigrant engineers is a significant milestone toward a more inclusive and diverse workforce. By recognizing the value of international talent and qualifications, the province is not only providing fair opportunities for skilled immigrants but also positioning itself for sustained economic growth and innovation. We Ontario Centrist Party are dedicated to building a better Ontario for all its residents. This progressive step sends a powerful message that Ontario is open for business to the world, welcoming skilled professionals from all corners of the globe to contribute their expertise and drive the province’s success in the engineering sector and beyond.


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