People in Canada will No Longer be Able to View or Share News on Facebook and Instagram, including News content Posted by News outlets.


People in Canada will No Longer be Able to View or Share News on Facebook and Instagram, including News content Posted by News outlets. In addition, people in Canada will no longer see links or content from any news outlet Pages or Accounts.The landscape of news consumption is changing dramatically in an era where digital connectivity and instant information rule the day. The Online News Act, or Bill C-18, was introduced by the Canadian government in recognition of the changing nature of media consumption and the importance of preserving traditional news sources.

By guaranteeing just compensation and promoting a long-lasting news ecosystem, this ground-breaking law seeks to transform the dynamic between news publishers and digital platforms.

The Canadian government unveiled Bill C-18 in February 2023 as a legislative response to the difficulties the news industry faces in the digital era. The financial sustainability of news organisations is in jeopardy due to the disruption of traditional revenue models caused by the rise of online platforms, even though they have given unprecedented access to news content. A fairer compensation framework was crafted in Bill C-18, an attempt to level the playing field and address the power imbalance between digital giants and news publishers.

Bill C-18 mandates that digital platforms, including social media giants and search engines, negotiate with news publishers to determine how much to pay for the display of their content. By guaranteeing that news organisations receive fair compensation for their a journalistic work, this clause contributes to the continuation of high-caliber reporting.

The law requires the algorithms that decide how and where to display news content to be transparent. Clear information about the ranking of news items must be provided by platforms so that publishers can effectively comprehend and adjust to digital algorithms.

In order to mediate disputes between publishers and digital platforms, Bill C-18 establishes a dispute resolution procedure. By guaranteeing prompt and equitable negotiations, this mechanism avoids unwarranted postponements in compensation agreements.

Bill C-18, which represents Canada’s Online News Act, is a ground-breaking attempt to improve the digital news environment. In order to create a sustainable environment for journalism in the digital age, the legislation includes procedures for equitable compensation, openness, and dispute resolution. To guarantee a thriving and knowledgeable media ecosystem for all Canadians, it will be imperative that stakeholders—news publishers, digital platforms, and consumers—continue to communicate as Bill C-18 is put into effect.Ontario centrist party goal is to establish itself as a leader in the world by offering affordable and fair higher education to all.

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