World Down Syndrome Day 2023

Every year on March 21st, World Down Syndrome Day is observed to raise awareness among public as it is a genetic condition that affects one in every 800 births worldwide. This day seeks to increase awareness, acceptance, and inclusion of people with Down syndrome.

On this day, various events are held worldwide to celebrate the unique abilities and talents of people with Down syndrome. The day also serves as a reminder of the importance of providing equal opportunities and access to healthcare, education, and employment for individuals with Down syndrome.

The theme for 2023 is “We Belong: Empowering individuals with Down syndrome and ensuring their full inclusion in society.”Let us all work together to support and empower people with Down syndrome and ensure their inclusion in society.

World Down Syndrome Day 2023! See the person not the condition!

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world down syndrome day
world down syndrome day

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No license plate renewals for Ontarians

We support Doug Ford’s decision to wave plate renewal fees.  This gives much-needed relief to Ontarians.  The question is, can Ontario tolerate the loss of revenue (approx. $1 billion) from license plate renewals? Wouldn’t Ontarians rather pay the $120 to help fund the province in a tough economy and an ongoing pandemic?  Possibly not if Doug Ford can reign in his wasteful spending and optimize his budget.

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Russia invades Ukraine

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is an immoral action that will lead to needless loss of life. The People of Ukraine need our support & the support of the global community. The Centrist Canadians call on the government to prioritize humanitarian aid for the Ukrainian people. Canada should stand with its allies and play a neutral peacekeeping role.#ukraine#cdnpoli

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